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Network Land
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Network land is an interactive challenge community modeled after whedonland  . The challenges are based on shows from four american networks. These networks are also the team names: ABC, CBS, CW and Fox.

The purpose of each round is for a team to win! The team with the most points would be the winning team! Points would be given out through different challenges( writing, graphic or other challenges)

If you do design to join there would have to be some rules that you would need to follow:
1)You would have to have watched AT LEAST two of the shows from all four of the networks
2) Your journal would have to show signs of life( journal posts, friends etc)
3) You would have to partcipate once or twice a week

If you think this applies to you then apply here


*You must participate in at least once or twice a week
*Any bashing/ rude behaviour first get you a warning and then kicked out
* Do not bash another team, this is suppose to be a fun community

* For each challenge there will be an ammount of points given
* There may be extra points after voting for the winners
* Points are always allocated AFTER the challenges are over
* After three months the round will be finished and a team will have won. After that the points are put back to zero
* Since I( kateshepard ) mod the community I am neutral. So if I do any challenges(for example a big bang) it would go to the team with the least points

Team Rules
* If you are nice to your team, they will be nice to you
* Most of the challenges will be individual challenges but if there are team challenges you are expected to participate
* Always mention your team name/sig banner/icon when posting for a challenge or no points will be given
* If you want to change teams then you would PM me( kateshepard  ) and your team mod!

Types of Challenges

The challenges will mostly be based on three areas: Writing, Graphics and logical games!

Graphics would usually consist of making icons, wallpapers, picspams or other graphics

Games would usually consist of logical games, luck games, team games etc.

Writing would usually consist of drabbles, fics, following prompts etc.


network_bosses  - A community for the Team Leaders of each team
team_abc - Team ABC
team_cbs - Team CBS
team_cw  - Team CW
team_fox  -Team Fox



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cw_land,lj user=legendland>,spnland,scifiland
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